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Cautions in the Use of Aluminum Die Casting Die

Time:2017-12-25 Click:Second

1. Application of mould cooling system. When the cooling water is used correctly, it not only prolongs the service life of the die, but also improves the production efficiency. In actual production, we often ignore its importance. Operators also try to save time. It is too troublesome to connect cooling water pipes. Some companies even do not want cooling water in order to save cost when customizing moulds, which has resulted in serious consequences. Die materials are generally made of special die steel after various treatments, and the best die steel also has their limitations, such as temperature. When the die is in operation, if the die temperature is too high, it will be very simple to make the surface of the core appear turtle cracks early, and some of the molds even have not exceeded 2000 mode turtle cracks appear in large areas. Even in the production of the die, because the temperature of the die is too high, the core has changed color. After measuring and even reaching more than 400 degrees, this temperature is very simple to appear cracks when the release agent is chilled. The products produced are also simple deformation, pull, sticky die and so on. The use of demoulding agent can be greatly reduced when the cooling water is used, so that the operator will not use the demoulding agent to reduce the temperature of the mould. Its advantages lie in effectively prolonging die life, saving die casting processing cycle, improving product quality, reducing the occurrence of sticky dies, pull and sticky aluminium, and reducing the use of demoulding agent. It can also reduce the loss of ejector rod and core caused by overheating of die temperature.

2. The mould must be preheated in the process of production to prevent the crack of tortoise caused by sudden encounter of hot metal liquid in the cold mould. The more complicated mould can be preheated by spray lamp, liquefied gas, mould temperature machine in good condition, and the simpler mould can be preheated by slow pressure shooting.

3. If the mould is equipped with neutron control, pay attention to the phenomenon that the signal line between the die casting machine and the die must be forbidden to have a joint. The reason is very clear. In daily production, it is difficult to avoid the water on the signal line, or the place where the joint is wrapped is simply broken, and then it causes short connection with the machine tool. If the signal is wrong, the alarm will automatically stop for a delay time, and the signal will be disordered seriously. The die top is broken. Cause unnecessary losses. Waterproofing should be paid attention to in the stroke switch.

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